There’s never been a better time to be a data governance leader. Boardrooms and executives are recognizing the value of data and increasingly providing data governance efforts the funding needed to deliver tangible strategic benefits. What’s more, innovations in artificial intelligence and metadata management have made it easier to streamline—and more critically, scale—core governance processes, democratize data, and support collaboration. If you’re looking to transform data governance from an underappreciated IT practice into a critical business function, the time is now. But delivering a successful data governance program is still a significant challenge. You have an ever-increasing volume and variety of data to manage, and your program must serve more and more people across your business. Knowing where to start—which projects to focus on, what budget to go after, and who to work with—is perhaps the greatest challenge of all. Invest your time in upfront planning and you’ll be able to build momentum with early successes so you can support more strategic business objectives. This eBook will help you make the right decisions during the formative stages of your data governance initiative. We’ll share what we learned helping some of the world’s most ambitious organization’s launch their data governance programs and discuss the three key areas to focus on when you’re planning your own.
Proving the value of data governance can help you cement your status as a data-driven business leader, and a little upfront planning will make sure you succeed.
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