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The next level of data-driven decision making
Many organizations have been in the dark during the pandemic – accurate data was not, or not timely available for analyses and decision making. High data quality and the ability to build scenarios is a pre-requisite in any crisis and are powered by data-driven leaders. These are also the fundamentals for data-driven decision making. In this Virtual HPDO Summit prof. Erik Beulen, Tilburg University / TIAS Business School, will present the results of the survey on data-driven leadership: ‘Excelling in the Data Economy’.

After these fascinating insights the summit is all about exchange of experiences between key-note speakers, you and your peers. We will discuss how to engage post-COVID-19 with the business to foster innovation (multi-disciplinarian teams), how to build scenarios and how to ensure continuous data-driven decision making. And of course we will talk about the role of data and what data-driven leadership looks like.

Are you the Digital Leader to implement your data-driven digital transformation? Is your organization struggling to innovate due to low data maturity? Then please join our Virtual HPDO Summit on 12 November 2020.



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