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The next HPDO session will take place on 18 September 2019 with the subject: Partnering for HPDOs. Will you join us?

The HPDO Challenge is a community of Digital Leaders, consisting out of your peers, that would like to discuss, network and collaborate on achieving more growth in the digital domain. They meet regularly to review the progress on their digital challenges.
Over the past two years the HPDO community has met during several successful sessions and the next meeting will be hosted on 18 September.

Leadership is key for High-Performance Digital Organisations to transform their organisations into data driven organisations. This session is the kick off of three HPDO leadership challenges. The workshops will be accompanied by surveys and result in a whitepaper. We will focus in this upcoming session on leadership & partnering in the context of digital transformations. What is, from a leadership perspective, key in partnering? How to select and manage your partners? Who owns data and leads in master data management and architectural debates? What has your journey been, and how will your future with your partners look like in, for example setting up data (governance) organizations? Proven strategies but also lessons learned will be shared and discussed. Join our challenge if you want to take the lead in partnering to successfully transform your organisation!


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