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The HPDO Challenge is a community of Digital Leaders, consisting out of your peers, that would like to discuss, network and collaborate on achieving more growth in the digital domain. They meet regularly to review the progress on their digital challenges. Over the past two years, the HPDO community has met during multiple successful sessions!

Leadership is key for High-Performance Digital Organisations to transform their organisations into data driven organisations. The workshops will be accompanied by surveys and result in a white paper. We will focus in this upcoming session on “How to develop, grow and maintain the HPDO leadership capabilities in your organisation?”. This perspective combined with the partnering capabilities in our last HPDO session on 11 September provides you with all the insights required to structure and organise digital leadership in your organisation. In 2020 we will conclude this HPDO Leadership challenge with a HPDO session on collaborating with your supervisory board.

Meet our flag bearers!
This challenge is supported by our flag bearers Hylke Sprangers (Talpa Network), Nieke Martens (Rabobank) and Ton van Dijk (PON). The flag bearers will be present during our sessions on Leadership.

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