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The HPDO Challenge is a community of Digital Leaders, consisting out of your peers, that would like to discuss, network and collaborate on achieving more growth in the digital domain. They meet regularly to review the progress on their digital challenges. Over the past two years, the HPDO community has met during several successful sessions.

We have reached the next phase of the HPDO challenge. Earlier research by Prof. Dr. Erik Beulen (Tilburg University / TIAS School for Business and Society) shows an enormous need for deepening of various sub-themes, including the theme “Thriving in the Data Economy”.

Thriving in the Data Economy
A research study to discover the significance of data in driving business performance

Erik Beulen and ICT Media have set up a study this year to measure the data maturity of organisations. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is committed to this initiative as a knowledge partner.

On 12 November, Erik Beulen will present the approach for this HPDO challenge and facilitates discussions and deep dives on the research project. We will focus in this upcoming session on identifying the key topics. Are you a CDO or do you have a data-related role and are you willing to contribute to this HPDO challenge? Then please join our workshop on 12 November 2019 to discuss the results with colleagues.

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