How to govern your data as a business asset

There’s never been a better time to be a data governance leader. Boardrooms and executives are recognizing the value of data and increasingly providing data governance efforts the funding needed to deliver tangible strategic benefits. What’s more, innovations in artificial intelligence and metadata management have made it easier to streamline—and more critically, scale—core governance processes, democratize data, and support collaboration. If you’re looking to transform data governance from an underappreciated IT practice into a critical business function, the time is now. But delivering a successful data governance program is still a significant challenge. You have an ever-increasing volume and variety of

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Why data is the fuel of digital transformation

Digital transformation will never mean exactly the same to every organization but there are certain common elements that will always play a part in any successful digital transformation project. Most common are: • Customer experience • Operational agility • Workforce enablement • Digital technology adoption and integration These will drive behavioral changes to the way in which organizations are led, which in turn will ultimately transform its culture – but what underpins all of these common elements? The answer is data and how it is used. To understand the status quo of digital transformation initiatives and to explore its future and

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